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ARIA Modern 6 Ring Chandelier Black

ARIA Modern 6 Ring Chandelier Black


Lighting Creations

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Check out the BLACK STUNNER! While we're familiar with LED light rings appearing one or two at a time, this fixture takes it to the next level with a spectacular display of six rings. The Aria fixture from Lighting Creations offers endless possibilities, allowing you to arrange it in various positions to achieve the perfect composition for your space. With 165 watts of tri-colour LED  select 3000K, 4000K or 5000K, it's ideal for illuminating grand entryways or high-ceiling stairwells. Create the ultimate statement piece in any room.

The 6 rings consist of 1x1200mm, 1x 1000mm, 1x 800mm, 1x 800mm, 1x 600mm and 1x 400mm and is available in black, for a modern, minimalist look. The range also has a superior Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 (higher the CRI closer to 100, better is the light's ability to reveal the true colours of objects as they appear in natural daylight) and is Dimmable. See Installation Manual for list of compatible dimmers.

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